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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Two Fat Pages with Alice and Queen of Hearts Grunge Collage from LeighSBDesigns

How I do love these grunge collages with Alice and the Queen of Hearts!  This morning I featured a notebook I made using them plus the Grunge Card Suite set you can get for free if you buy both Alice and the Queen!  Now I am showing you two fat pages I made with these same digital images!  And I can't forget to remind you that this weekend is a fun weekend for us at Markers! Paper! Digis! Facebook Group as LeighSBDesigns is the sponsor for the weekend!  Fun Stuff!!!

My background papers are made when I finish a painting and have paint left on my palette!  I just grab a paper and my brayer (bought on super sale don't know how I lived without it! lol) and scrap the paint up with a palette knife and plop on my paper then brayer it out until I like it!  I used some of Tim Holtz's ChitChat words and brass clip with a paperclip to compliment the background.  The two cards (yes, the diamond was partying under the bed but I sent Yosh under there to get it for me!) were watercolored in with the circle tool from my Gelato set made circles from watercolors and mixed media opaque and transparent colors.

Again, paint from my palette smashed about with my brayer with some black lace layered under the heart card and spade all made as above.  I added some little gold medallions my mom gave me a box of 500 given to her by her best friend!  So much of my stash has my mom written all over it because she always was on the market to buy or score me craft supplies and she always shared :)

The FREEBIE Wonderland Grunge Set can be found HERE and includes the Queen and Alice with the Grunge Card Suite included for free!  You can purchase the Grunge Card Suite alone HERE.

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sunshine in Her Hair by LeighSBDesigns!

This digital image has about the most beautiful face I have seen on any!  You can see the sweetness yet joking side of this glowing young lady!  I made a small hanging tag for this weekend as LeighSBDesigns sponsors Markers! Paper! Digis!   Exciting for us and for you all we hope, too!  So on to the finished make of Sunshine in Her Hair!

Sunshine in Her Hair Hanging Tag

Tomorrow you will hear about how I make my background papers, however, this one is just a tad different as I didn't brayer my left over palette paint but used a huge brush to make huge red and orange poppies with green leaves and other colors smushed around!  I took yellow watercolors and dotted around the image and added some bronze bling to the corners.  She is colored with Prisma colored pencils and since she is holding the sunshine her personality pours out; I gave her pink hair my favorite color hair to color :)

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LeighSBDesigns Sponsor Day at Markers! Paper! Digis! Today!!

So cool to have a sponsor day with Markers! Paper! Digis! featuring our LeighSBDesigns by Leigh for the day!  And she has given us a dilly of a fabulous set to work with for this wonderful time!  We have the Alice Grunge Collage and Queen of Hearts Grunge Collage digital images  with the Grunge Card Suits set that will come as a freebie when you order Alice and the Queen!  I used all sorts of mixed media paints, waterpaints, opaque acrylics, transparent, acrylics, everything I could throw at mine to make a book to hold papers for sketches for my acrylic paintings!  

Some ribbons and a bit of bling and matching clips for front and back!

The back with the lovely UGH Queen!

Supposed to be a quartet but that pesky diamond has slipped off for some partying!  But the Grunge Card Suits set sprayed with tea spray by Heidi Swapp and all holding a page with little brass clips by Tim Holtz.

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